How to

Below are a few tips on how you're expected to work with each challenge domain to reap the maximum benefits.
Challenge Domain
The Web War You know how to develop a web application from basic to intermediate level.
You know how to play with web proxy tools such as Burp Suite, ZAP.
You have read up a book or two on web application penetration testing.
Cyber Security Drills You are expected to research the background about each drill based on the background information presented.
You are expected to find out insecurities in each drill by yourself first based on researched data.
The Aurora You are expected to follow through each exercise as per instructions or for a duration of at least 5 days. As we're all ground-zero human in the first place, we will feel resistence or bbombarded with doubts during the first three days. If an exercise is no applicable to you at the moment, don't try it.
You are welcome to question me or do further research on the topic yourself if an instruction does not seem clear to you in the first place.