CyberSecurity Learning Platform


Challenges are crafted, based on fantastic bounty write-ups, real-world case studies, and incident news, not based on antique applications.

Redefine your learning experience through mission-driven approach not through reading thick books just to forget later.

Wider Audience

Challenges are aimed for a wider audience - The Web War For pentesters/bounty hunters, Cybersecurity drills for cyber professionals.

Concise write-ups are provided (with local mirrors of real-world news in the past) for every solution for a quick learning experience.

Human & Process Focused

We host challenges based on constraints derived from human weaknesses, technical and business barriers in enforcing security controls that cause a gap to happen.

For this reason, challenges are not the hardest problems. They would wow you and leave you with surprise.

Technology Agnostic

The challenges do not rely on particular operating systems, or programming languages though we keep the current trend in mind.

We try our best to craft challenges in technology neutral ways. We present new technology if such weakness patterns propagate among majority of technologies.

Time-Proven & Practicable

Our challenges are carefully selected and designed with the focus on interesting patterns of insecure design and implementation practices.

Thus, the techniques you learnt can be put into practice after you get back to work. They would remain valid for years.

Convenient & Time-saving

Extraordinary techniques are regularly shared at conferences, blogs, twitters, ebooks..etc. Yet, we do not have the platform to practise for internalizing those techniques.

Now what you see is the ready-to-practice challenge platform with no time-consuming set-up and coding by yourself.