Cybersecurity Drills(50)
(Audience: Assorted)

Welcome, Ninja!

Majority of world most infamous incidents are stemmed from the root cause of insecure designs and failure to foresee the risks. This challenge domain, you will be bombarded with questions on features broken by hackers up to date. This is designed to make you think through secure principles to avoid the weakness.

In order to achieve the goal in this domain as intended and designed, 

  • Please research the background about each drill based on the background information presented.

  • Please find out insecurities in each drill by yourself first based on researched data.

Securing yourself

In this hackable world, you can be or could have been a target anytime. Have you made any attempts to do secure yourself or waiting to get hacked? Of course, security always comes with cost and/or ...

Business Cybersecurity

This category targets business features, how they can be/have been exploited, what risks and threats could be/have been exposed. Real-world incident references are made whenever possible. By learni...

Enterprise Cybersecurity

When it comes to securing our enterprise, we thought that we had done our best to protect based on industry best practices and our prior experience. However, as Cybersecurity is an ever-changing wo...

Application Security

Here, we are talking about some ideas on application security designs and insecurities. 

Resilient Code

Source codes are the lifeblood of a program. It's analogous to DNA of a human body.  At any point in coding process, certain patterns could lead to security risk despite a program working perf...

Myths Busted

Fact or Fiction. Myth or Reality. Despite cybersecurity incidents, it's not part of job or KPIs that cyber pros need to stay current with latest cybersecurity trends and incident stories. That's wh...

Purple Team (Red-Blue) Tabletop

Approaches in areas of Red and Blue team are a collective of mind sparkling thought processes on offensive and defensive countermeasures. Simply speaking, it has been long known as "cat-and-mouse" ...